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Today Sat 24 June, 2017 Hukumnama Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib

Hukamnama- Gurdwara Sis Ganj Sahib

[April 1, 2013,Monday 03:00 AM. IST]


DnwsrI mhlw 5 ]

dIn drd invwir Twkur rwKY jn kI Awip ] qrx qwrx hir iniD dUKu n skY ibAwip ]1] swDU sMig Bjhu gupwl ] Awn sMjm ikCu n sUJY ieh jqn kwit kil kwl ] rhwau ] Awid AMiq dieAwl pUrn iqsu ibnw nhI koie ] jnm mrx invwir hir jip ismir suAwmI soie ]2] byd isMimRiq kQY swsq Bgq krih bIcwru ] mukiq pweIAY swD sMgiq ibnis jwie AMDwru ]3] crn kml ADwru jn kw rwis pUMjI eyk ] qwxu mwxu dIbwxu swcw nwnk kI pRB tyk ]4]2]20]


somvwr , 19 cyq(sMmq 545 nwnkSwhI)

(AMg : 675)

pMjwbI ivAwiKAw:
DnwsrI mhlw 5 ]

hy BweI! gurU dI sMgiq ivc (rih ky) prmwqmw dw nwm jipAw kr [ iehnW jqnW nwl hI sMswr dy JMbyilAW dI PwhI k`t [ (mYƒ ies qoN ibnw) hor koeI jugiq nhIN su`JdI [rhwau[ hy BweI! prmwqmw AnwQW dy d`uK dUr kr ky Awpxy syvkW dI lwj Awp r`Kdw hY [ auh pRBU (sMswr-smuMdr qoN pwr) lMGwx vwsqy (mwno) jhwz hY, auh hrI swry suKW dw ^zwnw hY, (aus dI srn ipAW koeI) du`K poh nhIN skdw [1[ hy BweI! jyhVw dieAw-dw-Gr srb-ivAwpk pRBU sdw hI (jIvW dy isr auqy rwKw) hY qy aus qoN ibnw (aus vrgw) hor koeI nhIN ausy mwlk dw nwm sdw ismirAw kr, ausy hrI dw nwm jp ky Awpxw jnm-mrn dw gyV dUr kr [2[ hy BweI! vyd isMimRqI Swsqr (hryk Drm pusqk ijs prmwqmw dw) izkr krdw hY, Bgq jn (BI ijs prmwqmw dy guxW dw) ivcwr krdy hn, swD sMgiq ivc (aus dw nwm ismr ky jgq dy JMbyilAW qoN) ^lwsI imldI hY, (mwieAw dy moh dw) hnyrw dUr ho jWdw hY [3[ hy nwnk! (AwK—hy BweI!) prmwqmw dy sohxy crn hI BgqW (dy Awqmk jIvn) dw srmwieAw hY, prmwqmw dI Et hI auhnW dw bl hY, shwrw hY, sdw kwiem rihx vwlw Awsrw hY [4[2[20[  

English Translation :


The Lord and Master destroys the pain of the poor; He preserves and protects the honor of His servants. The Lord is the ship to carry us across; He is the treasure of virtue — pain cannot touch Him. || 1 || In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, meditate, vibrate upon the Lord of the world. I cannot think of any other way; make this effort, and make it in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga. || Pause || In the beginning, and in the end, there is none other than the perfect, merciful Lord. The cycle of birth and death is ended, chanting the Lord’s Name, and remembering the Lord Master in meditation. || 2 || The Vedas, the Simritees, the Shaastras and the Lord’s devotees contemplate Him; liberation is attained in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, and the darkness of ignorance is dispelled. || 3 || The lotus feet of the Lord are the support of His humble servants. They are his only capital and investment. The True Lord is Nanak’s strength, honor and support; He alone is his protection. || 4 || 2 || 20 ||

Monday, 19th Chayt (Samvat 545 Nanakshahi)

(Page : 675 )

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