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Chapter 11: Ragas of Siri Guru Granth Sahib

Ragas of Sri Guru Granth Sahab

The following arrangement has been followed in the scheme of notation.

First the parent scale (Thath) is given and then the class (Jati) of the raga, which may be pentatonic (Arav), hexatonic (Sharav) or septatonic (Sampuran). This is followed by the notes (Svares) used in the raga. The sonant (Vadi) is given followed by the consonant (Samvadi) note. In some cases the atmosphere of the raga is then indicated. Then follow the notes of the ascending movement. (Aroha) and the descending notes (Avaroha). The characteristic notes (Pakad) of the raga are indicated.

The Ragas of the Sikh Scripture are given in the serial order. The notation of the Dhunis of the vars is not mentioned here, but will be found in the two volumes in Punjabi entitled Gurbani Sangeet: Prachin Ritt-Ratnavali (pp. 953-983) by Bhai Avtar Singh and Bhai Gurucharan Singh, published by Punjabi University, Patiala, 1979.

Note: M Teevar is represented by m in notation.
R (komal) is represented by r
G ' ' g
D ' ' d
N ' ' n


Thath: Poorvi. Jati: Arava-Sampuran
Svaras: R, D, m, rest Shudh. Varjit G D in Aroha.
Vadi: R Samvadi P
Atmosphere: Solemn and grave
Time of Singing: Evening (6 PM-9 PM)
Aroha: S r r P, m P N S
Avaroha: S N d P, m D m G R, R R P R G G R S
Pakad: S, r, r, P, m G r, GR S
Note: This is an important raga and occupies the first place in the Sikh Scripture. The word 'Shri' means great or
respected. It is an important raga and its quite popular. In avaroha, S r P are used in acompaniment and M Teevar is
touched frequently.


Thath: Khamaj, Jati: Sharav-Sampuran
Svaras: S R M P D N Shudh
S R G M D N in Aroha;
N in Avaroha:
S n D P, D n D P, M G R S
G and N both Sudh and Komal
Vadi: S, Samvadi: P
Time of Singing : Fourth Pahar of the day (3 PM- 6 PM)


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